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Corporate social responsibility guidelines

Advokat Ole Christian Hyggen AS shall act as a responsible member of the society, taking due consideration to social and environmental impact of its business. In this regard the law firm has adopted the following guidelines: 

  1. Each year the law firm will donate one percent of its profit to charity or a non-governmental organisation. 

  2. The law firm shal regularly undertake pro bono work for members of the community who cannot afford legal assistance.  

  3. The law firm shall not assist or represent companies that are not in compliance with the regulations of the business it is operating within, in particular with regard to labour rights, environment, health and safety (EHS), and human rights, or that in any other way do not act as responsible members of the society.

  4. The law firm shall have a high environmental awareness, and take due consideration to the environment in decisions regarding the operations of it business.

  5. The law firm shall be a member of the Norwegian Bar Associaction.

  6. Compliance with these guidelines shall be addressed in the annual report.

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